Our feedback speaks for itself

I highly recommend MedLink for their top performance, with superb editing, attention to detail, and rapid turnaround. This is medical editing at its best.

Professor PG Steg, Université Paris-Diderot, Sorbonne-Paris Cité; Hôpital Bichat; Paris, France

I just got notification that the article is in production. Thank you for your technical editing and for making the collaboration go so smoothly.

Ivo Abraham, Professor of Pharmacy, University of Arizona, USA

It is terrific working with you. I feel you are the best in the business!

Professor CP Cannon, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Boston, USA

Thank you for all the great help and support.

Professor GYH Lip, University of Birmingham Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences, UK

Many many thanks; we could never have done anything like this without you – I am very very appreciative

Professor M Wiseman, World Cancer Research Fund, UK

MedLink is my secret weapon and a real treasure!

Professor FA Anderson, Jr, Center for Outcomes Research, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, USA

The professional quality of the work of MedLink, their professional expertise, their attention to detail and their rapid turn around all demonstrate that there is no substitute for such high quality work.

Professor KAA Fox, University of Edinburgh, UK

It is great having your help and expertise for all possible issues in a manuscript. Your skills make us stronger!

Professor Laurent Fauchier, Université François Rabelais, France

I have worked with Sophie Rushton-Smith for the past 10 years and am pleased to tell you how precious her collaboration is. Sophie not only edits our articles but advises us: she shows us how to add value to our manuscripts, offers advice on how to manage our studies, and helps us improve our English. Sophie’s contribution and expertise have definitely increased the acceptance rate of our papers. But please, don’t make her too busy, we still need her!

Dr Loic Belle, Head of Cardiology, Annecy Hospital, France