We offer a range of medical writing and editing services and project management activities

Publications & Scientific Writing

We offer a range of medical writing and editing services and project management activities. Our strengths lie in developing close and effective working relationships with all parties involved in the publication development process.

Disease registries

We have particular expertise in managing the publication plans of large, international disease registries.

We can prepare detailed and customized publication guidelines that address authorship, equality, and ethical considerations. We aim to ensure that all study investigators have the opportunity to publish and be represented.

We are able to brief statisticians and interpret data, with the objective of facilitating the publication of high quality manuscripts in top tier journals.

Case study - GRACE registry
For over a decade Sophie Rushton-Smith led and directed the publications plan for GRACE (Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events), a large multinational study on acute coronary syndromes. This project has culminated in the publication of 145 papers in peer-reviewed journals and the inclusion of the GRACE risk score in evidence-based practice guidelines.

Clinical practice guidelines, consensus documents, and meeting reports

We offer editorial support for large, evidence-based practice guidelines, ensuring clarity, consistency, and accuracy.

We can also provide expert summaries of advisory boards and assist in the preparation of consensus documents.

Journal articles

We pride ourselves on supporting academics, particularly those whose first language is not English. While we cannot write articles in other languages, we particularly enjoy helping those who write in our first language.

We offer academics a range of services, starting with simple editing and formatting, and extending to a detailed review of data and the scope of the manuscript, and offering suggestions on how to better report the information and enhance the likelihood of acceptance in high quality medical journals.

Publication ethics

We are fully conversant with guidelines on good publication practice for communicating company-sponsored medical research, as well as ICMJE, CONSORT, and STROBE, etc. We can provide guidance and advice in relation to current policies, recommendations, and regulations, as required.

Direct-to-consumer communications

We have prepared a variety of materials, including counselling aids for patients, patient-educational materials, web site material, and newsletters.


We provide training on how to write papers for publication in peer-review journals, increasing the likelihood of acceptance in top tier journals.